Open Library Environment – OLE

Overview of OLE

Open Library Environment (OLE) – An active community of academic and research libraries collaborating to build open source, extensible, and service-driven library management tools. The OLE Partners share a common vision to empower librarians and libraries by pooling our resources and directing our expertise and insights.

The OLE Community formed in 2008 and has worked in the Kuali Community to build an open source library management system, Kuali OLE, released in 2014 and implemented at three of our Partner sites. OLE is grateful for generous funding from the Andrew W Mellon Foundation, and to the many dedicated and experienced staff of our Partners who have worked to make OLE a success.

Today, OLE is excited to be joining in and working with the FOLIO Community along with EBSCO Information Services and Index Data. FOLIO builds on, and continues, the OLE vision of deep collaboration among librarians, developers, strategists, service providers, and vendors.