Code of Conduct for Open Library Community Forum

Who we are:

The Open Library Community Forum is dedicated to creating an environment for  interested parties to share functional and technical information and ideas for an open library services platform for academic and research libraries. It is a space in which library functional experts and software developers can come together to learn from each other, share thoughts, generate ideas and inform the process of designing a true next-generation solution. It is not a governing body nor does it make decisions on behalf of the project, but instead acts as an incubator for innovation.


The Open Library Community Forum welcomes all to collaborate in a safe, harassment-free environment. We strive to be an open, dynamic and innovative community and to foster inclusiveness where all voices will be heard and valued. It is a place to learn, share, create and collaborate.

As such, we expect all participants to treat each other with respect and dignity. The aim is that everyone should feel safe to openly share and collaborate. To that end, the following Code of Conduct applies to all activities.

The Open Library Community Forum Encourages:

  • Listening with an open mind to hear new and different ideas
  • Speaking up to share ideas
  • Taking turns expressing ideas and opinions
  • Letting other voices be heard in the conversation
  • Staying on topic and adding new ideas before changing the topic
  • Building on new ideas, debating new ideas and joining into the conversation

The Open Library Community Forum Discourages:

  • Interrupting and talking over other participants and not allowing other participants to reply
  • Dominating the conversation or debate
  • Making the participant feel criticized or personally attacked in any way

Unacceptable Behavior:

The Open Library Community Forum does NOT tolerate harassment from participants in any form.  Harassing behavior creates an unsafe and threatening environment. Harassment includes offensive verbal comments related to gender, age, sexual orientation, disability, race, physical appearance and religion as well as disruption of discussions and use of inappropriate images or text. Other forms of harassment are:

  • Unwelcomed comments of person’s lifestyle practices and choices
  • Deliberate intimidation
  • Use of derogatory or demeaning words
  • Continue harassing behavior or intimidation after the community forum call is over by contacting the participant through email or phone.


If you feel you can, the first step is to approach the offender to make them aware of their actions. Either the victim or other participants who observe the offense may initiate this step. Sometimes an offender has no idea their choice of words or actions are perceived as harassing.

If this approach is not possible, or effective, contact the Open Library Community Forum facilitator and leaders (information below) for support. The participant will be warned and asked to cease harassing behavior. If the participant does not comply immediately then the participant will face expulsion from the Open Library Community Forum by the facilitators and organizers.

The Open Library Community Forum will NOT tolerate any form of harassment from participants. The code of conduct  will be enforced. Please contact  Holly  Mistlebauer ( with questions or concerns.