OLE Announces the release of 2.0

We are pleased to announce the release of OLE 2.0.  This release brings many changes available for download from our Download page.

Fund codes have been introduced in 2.0.  Instead of remembering complex accounting strings, staff can type in a simple fund code and the system will fill in the information.  Cross document searching has been applied to OLE’s Search Workbench along with the application of SOLR 4.  Another key feature for the 2.0 development is the migration to Drools for Circulation policies.  Drools can manage the complexity of library rules without performance suffering.  Additional development toward Electronic Resource Management provides a more thoroughly integrated E-Resource record, a Platform record and methods to associate vendors with the E-Resource record.  Additional details of the OLE 2.0 release and the user documentation is available on our OLE Published Documentation wiki page.

On the Download page, you will also find a link to download the source code.  Additional changes for 2.0 involve the backend of the project.  The OLE project has moved from SVN to GitHub and an official contribution process has been incorporated.  The project team is in the process of combining all prior Jira projects into one, simplifying and streamlining the workflow and processes of development.

The OLE Project Community is currently focusing its efforts of OLE functionality for two releases.  2.1 (and beyond) that will include a revision to batch importing of bibs, orders, and invoices as well as bug fixes, and 3.0.   Release 3.0 (target date Q2 2016) will include supporting MARC holdings records and authority control, cloning of bibliographic records, a bursar API, and the ability to place requests at the title level.

Mellon Grant Continues Support of Open-Source Library System

Duke University has received a $1.165 million grant from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation to support the continued development of an open-source integrated library system.

Known as OLE, for Open Library Environment, it is the first system designed by and for academic and research libraries to manage and deliver scholarly information. Three OLE Partners—Lehigh University, the University of Chicago, and SOAS at the University of London—have already implemented OLE in their library operations. The grant will support the further development, refinement, and adoption of the system by a broader group of public and private institutions.

– See more at: http://blogs.library.duke.edu/blog/2016/02/04/mellon-grant-continues-support-of-open-source-library-system/#sthash.Wb0Ml1uj.dpuf