Yes, I’ll have one of those: Acquisitions and FOLIO

Event: Yes, I’ll have one of those: Acquisitions and FOLIO
Time: Wednesday, April 18th, 2018 at 11:00AM EST / 1600 GMT
Recording Here

Being developed by Stacks, Inc., in cooperation with the FOLIO Resource Management SIG, the acquisitions apps will be a significant portion of FOLIO. Kristin Martin, Convener of the RM SIG, will lead off with an overview of the SIG, its charge, and subgroups. Then Dennis Bridges (Stacks) and Ann-Marie Breaux (EBSCO) will walk through the FOLIO acquisitions modules. We’ll show how users will add vendors, order materials, and manage finances in FOLIO, using designs, diagrams, and demonstrations of the modules in their current functional state. And we’ll reserve plenty of time for questions and discussion.


  • Kristin Martin, University of Chicago,
  • Ann-Marie Breaux, EBSCO Information Services
  • Dennis Bridges, Stacks

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