FOLIO Development Process: It Takes a Community

Event: FOLIO Development Process: It Takes a Village
Time: Wednesday, November 15, 2017 at 11:00AM EDT / 1600 GMT
Recording Here

How is the community developing FOLIO?  How do we define FOLIO’s features and functions?  How do we keep track of who is doing what?  FOLIO is a huge effort—there is a lot to do and there are many people doing it. Learn how we use the Agile Development Process to produce a product that is flexible enough to meet the needs of all libraries.  Our process begins with a Product Owner assigned to work with a Special Interest Group (SIG) on a particular feature/function and ends with that SIG seeing a demo of the results from the developer.  This FOLIO Forum will describe the steps in between and show two specific examples of the development process.

Host: Mark Canney, Lehigh University

  • Holly Mistlebauer,  Cornell University
  • Cate Boerema, EBSCO

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