FOLIO Roadmap Update & Demo

Event: FOLIO Roadmap Update & Demo
Time: Wednesday, November 1, 2017 at 11:00AM EDT / 1600 GMT
Recording Here

The FOLIO platform continues on a fast development track. In this forum, you will hear an update on the roadmap for releasing version 1 of the platform and see a live demo of the components of the system now in place. Hear Harry Kaplanian present the short, medium and long term project goals and deliverables. Watch FOLIO developer Jeremy Huff give a demonstration of the platform as it exists today and take advantage of the opportunity to ask Harry and Jeremy questions about the project and its progress.

Host: Eric Hartnett, Texas A&M University


  • Harry Kaplanian, EBSCO
  • Jeremy Huff, Texas A&M University

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