FOLIO SIGs: Update & Involvement

Event: FOLIO SIGs (Special Interest Groups): Update and Involvement
Time: Wednesday, April 26, 2017 at 11:00AM EST / 1600 GMT
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Find out about each FOLIO SIG group’s activities, see some of their work and what functionality and design work is currently being discussed in their groups. A couple of new SIGs are underway and more information will be shared about the status of some proposed SIGs. Come and hear how you can find out about the SIGs and stay informed and get involved. Please join us and ask your questions about the work of the FOLIO SIGs.


  • Chris Manley, Cornell University – User Management SIG
  • Doreen Herold, Lehigh University – Metadata Management SIG
  • Kim Maxwell, MIT University – Resource Management SIG
  • Debra Lamb, Cornell University – Resource Access SIG
  • Peter Murray, Index Data – Internationalization SIG
  • Harry Kaplanian, EBSCO – Consortia SIG
  • Lydia Pettis – Cornell University – Reporting SIG

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