Design Your Own FOLIO App

Event: Design Your Own FOLIO App—No Need to be a Programmer
Time: Wednesday, January 18, 2017 at 11:00AM EST / 1600 GMT
Recording Available Here

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For all subject matter experts, idea people and service designers interested in FOLIO: You can now start to mock-up your own interactive prototypes of apps for the FOLIO platform and share them with the community. No programming skills required!

In this forum, Filip Jakobsen will demonstrate how to create an interactive prototype using the prototyping tool Filip will walk participants through the process of building a prototype that feels like a real product and will explain how to share apps with the community. The forum will include opportunities for questions and commentary from attendees.


  • Filip Jakobsen –  UX and Interaction Designer, SAMHÆNG

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A recording of this Forum will be made available on the OLE website.