Integrating the Library into New Methods of Research

Event: Integrating the Library into New Methods of Research
Time: Wednesday, October 5th, 2016 at 11:00AM EDT / 1500GMT
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To a high degree researchers depend on digital workflows for discovery, transformation and sharing of knowledge. Yet most of these workflows are fragmented. It’s difficult to work continuously and cumulatively with scientific information for individuals and even more problematic for teams.

The FOLIO project is exploring how we might support academic workflows and new methods of research. How might we integrate fragmented micro research processes for individuals for discovery and transformation of knowledge and how might we help sharing and productivity in teams?

We imagine that it should be possible to link what’s happening in processes across search, subscription, retainment, refinding, analysis and sharing of scientific information and that libraries can play a central role in this.

The forum is the first public sharing of our exploration efforts and early stage ideas. We hope that you’ll participate actively in the discussion and help shape our future vision.

Please bear in mind that the content will be of explorative nature and that we haven’t reached any conclusions yet about how this will influence our project. The ideas we are wrestling with might however have far reaching impact for our project and ultimately the role of academic libraries in the future research landscape.

SPEAKER: Jacob Jaskov, Founder and CEO, The Behaviour Bureau

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