Primer on FOLIO Code

Event: Primer on FOLIO Code
Time: Wednesday, September 21st, 2016 at 11:00AM EDT / 1500GMT
Registration Closed
Download the Recording Here

For developers interested in working with FOLIO, this webinar is a primer on how to engage with the FOLIO code. The webinar will be light on presentation and leave more time for open questions-and-answers.

The presentation portion will cover two main topics. First, provide context around how the FOLIO platform provides integration points for module development and what that means for developing modules in FOLIO. Second, a look at how the platform pieces come together in the user interface to provide functionality to the end user. The presenters will be showing some code and data structures as well as the current user experience prototype.


  • Jakub Skoczen, Architect and Developer at Index Data
  • Kurt Nordstrom, Software Engineer at Index Data
  • Peter Murray, Open Source Community Advocate at Index Data

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